Obsolete Baths and Bath Panels

Discontinued baths and bath panels










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Data we need to find the correct replacement


Standard rectangular baths

Measure overall length and width.( note that there may be up to 15mm recessed in the wall)

Twin grip or plain

Colour of grips ( chrome, gold or self coloured)

Offset corner baths

Offset corner baths

Measure length of both sides along the walls

Measure maximum projection of both sides parallel to walls.

Note if the long side is to the left or right when viewed from point 'A'

Note if taps are to the left or right when viewed from point 'A'

Corner baths

Corner baths

Measure length along the wall

Measure length parallel to wall of greatest projection

Measure from corner to front centre of bath

Note if taps are to the left or right when viewed from point 'A'

Bath Panels

Standard bath panels measure height and length

It should be noted that if only a side (long) panel is required it is unlikely that it will marry with an existing end panel

End panels should be measured if the bath is over the 700mm standard size.

Corner bath panels are not interchangeable, unless the make and model are known or a digital photo supplied it is unlikely we will find a match

Colours: occasionally the colour is stamped on the back of the panel. The best alternative is to investigate the toilet or basin for a make, this and an indication of age should help narrow the possibilities for us to send some colour samples for confirmation.

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