Obsolete Toilets and Toilet Seats

Discontinued toilets and toilet seats that are no longer manufactured










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Data we need to find the correct replacement




A photo

The make

Close coupled or low level

Side supply or bottom supply

If close coupled how many bolts fixing cistern to pan

A guide as to the age (if you have only been in the house 10 years it's a help!)

Any names or numbers under cistern lid

Front or side lever




Indicate type of pan from diagrams.

The simplest method of differentiating between washdown and siphonic pans is to estimate the distance between the bottom of the 'U' bend and the floor. Ina washdown pan it will be 25mm, and in a siphonic pan it will be 100mm

If close coupled how many bolts fixing cistern to pan and how many fixing holes in the pan: 2,4 or 6.

Indicate the pan outlet from the diagrams.



If the official sanitaryware colour is not known, the make, age, and a general description of the colour should allow us to narrow down the colour and send some samples for confirmation.


The majority of seats are standard and have a standard oval seat with approximately 170mm hinge fixing centres.

If your seat has wider fixing centres, a very wide back or a more rectangular form, it will be necessary to establish the toilet make/model. To do this send a photo or template of the seat to us, together with such colour information that you have.

Pan Outlets

Pan Outlets

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