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Huge stocks of obsolete and discontinued bathroom and sanitary ware










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Stockists & brokers of obsolete & discontinued colours & designs of bathroom equipment & sanitary ware. Basins, toilets, baths, bidets, bath panels & toilet seats.
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Stockist of obsolete and discontinued bathroom equipment

Stockist of obsolete and discontinued bathroom equipment

D Cole Supplies hold several thousand obsolete and discontinued cisterns, pans, basins, pedestals, baths, panels & seats which can be delivered across the UK.

Our stocks include most British manufacturers from Armitage, Ideal, Qualitas, Trent, Doulton, Twyfords, Shires, Balterley etc.& some imported ware.

With our large stocks, access to other sources and if necessary re-glazing we can usually supply an exact or very near replacement for most damaged sanitary ware

How to use this site

How to use this site

This site is designed to help you provide the information to enable us to identify your damaged item.

If you know the make, model, and manufacturers colour of your requirements, Phone, fax, or E-mail direct to D Cole Supplies at the addresses below.

If there is difficulty identifying the unit required, press the hyperlink for the item to find the information needed to help us with the identification.

In all cases a digital photo to our E-mail address is the best solution

How to establish the manufacturer

How to establish the manufacturer

Establishing the manufacturer; If this is not obvious on the outside of any of the items in the suite

1) Check under the cistern lid

2) Check inside the cistern, usually at the back

3) Check under the cistern

4) Check under the basin

5) Check down back of pedestal

6) Check round back of pan

Any logos or numbers found are useful

If possible give an indication of the age of item.

D Cole Supplies

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Phone: 01453 521027 Fax: 01453 521027 or email us open email for further information


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